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Gastritis, reflux and stomach acidity

Gastritis is the term used to describe various situations that have as their common denominator inflammation, acute or chronic, of the stomach.
Today, in fact, in addition to being an inconvenience that affects men and women of all races, ages and social rank, gastritis manifests itself in different guises:
some gastritis patients complain of simple, temporary heartburn in others, however, the disorder causes acid reflux
a discomfort that manifests as stomach contents rise back up into the esophagus.

Some of the most common causes of gastritis include alcohol abuse, medication,stress, infection, trauma, food intake (spices, such as chili peppers, coffee, and hyperlipid foods) or irritants (alcohol and smoking among them).

Chronic gastritis, on the other hand, is most often explained by infections sustained by Helicobacter pylori.
Correct any improper eating behaviors by adopting a healthy and balanced dietary regimen; this is the first and most important remedy to put into practice in case of common acute gastritis
In case of stress, take yoga and Pilates classes to remove tension. Remember that stress can also negatively affect health by accentuating heartburn
To consider that the stomach is also one with theemotional aspect, soulcerations and wounds of the stomach part can also be due to a real prolonged state of anxiety or intense stress.

For those who frequently suffer from gastritis, reflux and acidity of the stomach, the advice is to talk to your doctor, who will prescribe appropriate examinations and tests to determine the cause of the symptoms and decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. In agreement with your doctor or in case of digestive disorders that occur occasionally, it is possible to resort to natural remedies against gastritis, which help you feel better in a short time without any particular contraindications.


Alginic acid is a natural substance that is extracted from certain species of algae. Alginate products appear to be one of the most effective natural remedies for reflux and stomach acidity even in individuals in whom the disorder occurs frequently. Alginates, in fact, taken immediately after meals create a viscous mucilage that acts as a physical barrier. In addition to preventing reflux, mucilages protect the mucosa from acidity.


can support our body's basic acid balance by exerting an alkalizing action. Alkalizing substances, such as potassium bic arbonate or sodium bicarbonate, can correct these excesses of acidity and promote a pH balance within the body.


improves the digestive environment and enzyme activities, counteracts digestive spasms, epigastric cramps, all dyspepsia (difficult digestion) and has significant beneficial effects on the entire nervous system. Significant calming effect, it counteracts multiple nervous disorders due to magnesium deficiency, such as hypermotivation, nervousness, anxiety, sense of anguish with 'knot' in the throat, mood disturbances, dizziness, general state of malaise.


aloe juice has an anti-inflammatory action that may prove useful in those suffering from gastritis, stomach acidity and reflux. Aloe juice is easily found commercially and is consumed pure or diluted in water or fruit juices. One scoop of aloe juice, taken in the morning, can significantly improve gastritis symptoms.


mucilages, contained in the roots, give the plant emollient, soothing and tissue-protective properties and calming of painful spasms. For this reason, Altea is indicated in the treatment of all forms of inflammation of the gastric or duodenal mucosa, and in the treatment of ulcers.

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