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natural cortisone

The natural cortisone: Cardiospermum halicacabum

The solstice has just passed, so we can say that summer is officially here!
It is the season of sun and sea, but also of evenings in the hills and camping in nature. But you know, some little hiccups are always around the corner when trying to relax!
That's why, whatever the destination for your next vacation, you can't forget to pack Cardiospermum ointment, also known as "Natural Cortisone."

What is Cardiospermum?

Cardiospermum halicacabum typically grows in Africa, Australia and North America. Its name comes from the Greek cardía (heart) and spérma (seed) and is related to the characteristic heart shape drawn on the seeds.

It is a climbing plant with rounded-shaped flowers, which have given rise to several peculiar nicknames such as "balloon vine," "balloon plant" and "love in a puff" (literally "love in a puff"). But in phytotherapy and herbal medicine, Cardiospermum is also known as "natural cortisone" or "cortisone of homeopathy."

Let's see why and what its benefits are.

Benefits and uses Cardiospermum the "natural cortisone"

The active ingredients responsible for the cortisone-like effect of Cardiospermum are the phytosterols, contained in the flowering tops of the plant. These components have an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and sebum-regulating action; they are able to stabilize the cell membranes of hair and mucous membranes in cases of allergic and inflammatory manifestations, including those accompanied by itching. In addition, the plant extract contains some amino acids with re-epithelizing action that promote the restoration of the skin barrier in cases of desquamation.

So, Naturetica's Cardiospermum ointment is an excellent remedy to treat any skin changes of an inflammatory nature, such as:

- Itching caused by insect bites, hives and rash;

- Eczema and diaper rash;

- forms of dermatitis (both pediatric and adult).

The advantage of Cardiospermum, besides healing and providing relief in a natural way, is that it avoids situations of dryness and thinning of the skin that are frequent in corticosteroid therapies. It is also highly tolerable for prolonged use, both on adults and children.
A natural cortisone that we recommend keeping on hand at all times, even when traveling, because it really lends itself to countless uses.



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